For people with disabilities, finding employment can present many challenges.  However, for many individuals finding the right supports, services or assistive technology can make all the difference in obtaining enjoyable and sustainable employment.

We can discuss a consumer’s options in regards to addressing possible obstacles around their disability.  These are a few of the community agencies that might be able to help:

  • Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP): This is the state agency that works specifically with blind and visually impaired people to address obstacles that stand in the way of employment or independence.

It has one office in Lansing and eight others throughout the state.  To find the nearest location, click on the office locator.

  • MI Rehabilitation Services (MRS): This is the state agency that works with people with disabilities to find and maintain employment.  Individuals served by MRS have to either be unemployed because of their disability or be in danger of losing their employment because of their disability.

  To sign up for services call your nearest office for an orientation date.  If you have a computer you can download their application for services ahead of time.

  • MI Works: This is the state agency that works to help qualified job-seekers connect with employers looking to fill empty positions.  This agency is open to all Michigan residents not just people with disabilities.

In addition to these agencies, there are also programs that might be able to help.

They include:

  • Personal Assistance Services Reimbursement for Employment Services Program (PASREP): although no applicants are currently being accepted in Wayne County,  this is the state program that helps employ people with disabilities to pay for personal assistants that allow them to maintain employment and their independence.
  • Ticket To Work: This is a federal program that helps consumers transition from Social Security to employment.

To discuss employment obstacles or possible employment options please feel free to contact Disability Network.