Disability Network’s guiding principles include consumer choice.  For people who are currently living in nursing homes, these principles can help them get the support/s they may need so that they may return to a safe environment in the community of their choice.  Disability Network can provide guidance and help for those that are alone in this very important change.

This process is different for each individual.  It spans various disciplines and can include various organizations.  Each possible option is presented to the individual so that they can make the best possible and most informed choice.  This process can help address and resolve any concerns or conflict that may come from outside pressure, family or friends.

The nursing home transition process starts with an initial assessment and orientation where the NHT specialist assess what needs the individual requires.  Before leaving the nursing home the NHT specialist will conduct a Person-Centered Plan (PCP), which will allow the consumer to formulate a plan of action, this plan can involve family and friends.

To qualify for the NHT program individuals:

  • Must have Medicaid
  • Be currently living in a nursing home
  • Have a stable monthly income

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about the NHT program you can contact Paul Johnson III  at 313-923-1655.  When you call make sure to mention Nursing Home Transition.