Core Services


We work with people with disabilities to improve their skills to advocate for themselves and to defend their own interests.  We also work to change habits in the community that create barriers to independent living.

Peer Counseling 

We staff individuals with disabilities who can counsel others with related disabilities to explore options and learn to live independently.  Peer counseling can often help people who are adjusting to a newly-acquired injury or illness, experiencing changes in living arrangements and/or learning to use community services.

Information and Referral 

We maintain comprehensive information files on a variety of available services and resources for individuals with disabilities.  For example, we can help you with questions about accessible housing, transportation and employment opportunities.

Independent Living Skills 

We assist people with disabilities to enhance their skills to live independently by offering training on learning how to do things such as using public transportation, managing a personal budget or improving daily living habits.


In addition to the 4 Core Services, the following programs & services are also available:

Personal Assistance Training

Pre- and Post-Employment Assistance

Nursing Home Transition

School to Community Transition

Assistive Technology

Housing Referrals

ADA Technical Assistance Programs


Support Groups

Volunteer Programs

Independent Living Workshops

Assistive Technology Loan Fund Assistance