Who's Who at The Disability Network in My Neighborhood?

Disability Network/ Wayne County-Detroit

Rick Sides, Director

Vallor Hall, Program/Project Manager

Randall Butler, Veterans Support Specialist                                                                      ( Housing Specialist for Veterans)

Diane Catlett, Director of Finance

Andrianna Reed, Quality Assurance Specialist

Paul Johnson IIINursing Home Transition (NHT) Specialist

Chaunise Knighton, Information and Referral

 Shayna Smith,  Assistive Technology                                                                                 (Visual and Audio Devices)

Janice Simon, Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) Case Manager

Jacki Stefko, Disability Resource Specialist

Sarah Norwood, Receptionist






Gregory Gee,  Independent Living (IL) Navigator                                                             (Mobility Training and Empowerment)

Leonard Gibson, IL Specialist & ILYSS (Independent Living/Youth Specialist)        (Mobility Training, Housing and P.E.T.S Program)

Tina Leggs, IL Specialist & ILYSS (Independent Living/Youth Specialist )                  (P.E.T.S Program and Soft Skills Training)

Timmie Roberts, IL Specialist & ILYSS (Independent Living/Youth Specialist )      ( Job Club and P.E.T.S Program)

Greg Shearrod, IL Specialist                                                                                              (Individual and Group Soft Skills training and assessment)

 Elnoa Wilson, Receptionist